Systemization – An Operations Manual

Systemization – An Operations Manual

Many successful entrepreneurs know that one of the secret keys to owning a business that is both consistent and capable of operating in their absence is the practice of systemization. In essence, this amounts to the creation of “an owners manual” for each step of the business’ process. The benefits of creating such a manual that details each activity include a deep introspection of how and why activities take place, procedural optimization, the ability to have an employee reproduce your practices, which translates into operational consistency and the ability for the your company to continue operating effectively in your absence.

Here are a few basic steps:

  • Identify specific tasks to be systemized
  • Pick one task
  • Document ideal procedure
  • Flowchart ACTUAL procedure
  • Compare to ideal
  • Brainstorm for best and most simple procedure
  • Flowchart NEW procedure
  •  Write text of new procedure
    • Use “Step 1, Step 2,” etc.
    • Include “why”
  • Test procedure using unrelated person
  • Adjust flowchart
  • Rewrite text
  • Put in Operations Manual Binder
  • Repeat

You may wish to discuss this process in detail with your Coach. At Titan Business Development Group, we suggest all our clients engage in this activity and work with them to help create clear and comprehensive systems and manuals.


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