Titan Business Development Group, LLC is trained and licensed as Industrius CFO ProAdvisors in the use of its Business Intelligence analytical tools and databases – an extremely powerful business intelligence solution that is well respected across the globe.  This impressive tool was originally developed in conjunction with the Ewing Marrion Kaufman Foundation, which is often referred to as the world’s largest Foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.

Use of this powerful business intelligence solution helps our clients make insightful, superior decisions based on the largest and most reliable financial benchmarking database of privately held companies available. We support your decision making processes with timely, relevant, easy to retrieve and readily presentable financial information and benchmarks. We have a passion for supplying dependable business intelligence and expert advice to make you and your business more successful.

Its dataset is unique, offering financial insights not found anywhere else. It covers more than 1,000,000 mostly privately held companies that do not publicly disclose their financial information from over 2,600 different industry groups as classified by either SIC (Standard Industry Classification) or NAICS (North American Industry Classification System).  Benchmarks present the most important Key Performance Indicators derived from the dataset that are critical to understanding and evaluating the state of, and the prospects for, any business based on its financial situation.

Tools and reports can be used to present industry analysis statistics or to display side-by-side comparisons of an individual company and industry benchmarks of an entire industry of similarly sized entities.

Our recommendations are offered to support decision making and are based on years of expert experiences that have found insightful patterns and promising solutions which apply to firms of similar financial health across almost all industries.

A few analysis examples:

The Ratio Benchmarking Analysis section of your Report provides you with a comparison of your company to a similar size company in your industry using common-size financial statements and key standard ratios.

The Return on Asset Investment Analysis section of your Report lets you examine your ROAI, to develop strategies for improvement.  Return on Asset Investment is the major measure of the earnings power of a business. It also provides a measure of the competitiveness of your firm.

The Net Balance Position Analysis section of your Report uses NBP, the modern approach to estimating the cash liquidity of a business. This section of your report will show you the ratios that affect your NBP and suggests ways to improve it.

The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) Analysis section of your Report provides you with an estimate of the growth rate as a percent of sales that you can afford given your capitalization structure without developing cash problems. Firm growth must be financed with additional cash and it is important to see that your actual growth is approximately the same as your SGR.

The Valuation section of your Report page provides estimates of the value of your firm. The valuation of a business is an important measure of management success and it will give you an indication of the value you are creating for owners over time. The methods selected for this program are based on the database information to allow for industry comparisons. A detailed analysis or your firm by a qualified independent valuation expert is needed for a more precise estimate of the value of your firm.

A Loan Risk Evaluation and Pricing Analysis enables a commercial lender to effectively predict loan delinquency based on the financial health of a loan applicant and to price loans in accordance with their inherent risk.  Likewise, this same evaluation can be successfully used by a borrower to identify those same risks and strengthen them before applying for a loan, resulting in a successful application, greater approval value or more favorable rates.

Titan Business Development Group, LLC can also use powerful financial modeling (what-if scenarios) to quickly show you the effects of different strategic scenarios, helping to guide your business decisions in a distinctly measurable way.

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