Titan’s Online Coaching Hub

(A tool included, to compliment  your engagement)

If you haven’t experienced this already, when you get down to being coached you will find it’s the stuff of having you stretch and challenge yourself. You will gain new insights and regularly form and receive ideas, initiatives and clarity from your coach. Then, of course, you will be putting those new ideas and initiatives into action, reviewing and measuring results, and proceeding accordingly.

By default, all these insights, actions, and things to follow through on can comprise quite the collection of information for you to keep track of. (We know for certain that NOT keeping track of these things means insights fade, actions get forgotten or confused, and follow through just doesn’t happen. Sound at all familiar?) Managing this information becomes even more challenging when you consider the importance of keeping your Coach in the loop about how things are going, which is one of the keys to effectively producing real results.

This is where the Titan Coaching Hub comes in. It is designed to help serve your coaching relationship as a way of capturing insights – both yours and your Coach’s, for easier reference at any time throughout the engagement. Your goals will be set up and ripe for regular tracking with minimal effort and reminders, by email or text will be in place to keep you moving forward. After each session (and in between), your Action Plans will be clearly documented and ready to be carried out unambiguously.

The hub also serves you as a central place to house files, worksheets and whitepapers that you and your Coach share. It has areas to track metrics (a powerful feature), retain session notes, journal entries and more. It assists you in acting, following through, lets your coach see how things are going, and keeps an active and organic link between both of you. With the aid of the Titan Coaching Hub, your progress will be more rapid, your results more tangible and your experience more rewarding.

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