Recordkeeping and
Reporting Services

Online Reporting Platform
  • KEYSOP™ (KESOP) Specialists
  • NQDCP's
  • Recordkeeping
  • Purchase and Grant
  • Translations
  • Option and Deferral Agreements
  • Substitutions and Restatements
  • Earnings Allocations
  • Exercise/Payout
  • Calculations
  • Trade Directives
  • Distribution Assistance
  • Reconciliations
  • Online Access to Valuation Statements
  • Customizable Statements/Reports
Are you getting everything you need from your third party administrator?

Recent changes in federal tax legislation have increased the complexity of recordkeeping and reporting requirements for Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans and the cost of noncompliance is significant. As a Plan sponsor, you want to know that your Plan is well tended.

Titan Business Development Group offers complete, flexible, cost-effective solutions with a personal touch.

We represents a vast number of KEYSOP (KESOP) and other NQDC Plans of various size and complexity. A respected provider of TPA services, Titan Business Development Group combines experience with technology to bring state-of-the-art plan administration to our clients.

State-of-the-Art Reporting System

Our proprietary Reporting System is designed to respond quickly to your needs and new reporting requirements. Concise, customized, easy-to-read statements outlines all activity, elections and valuations at a glance. Secure online access to Statements of Activity is offered to Plan sponsors and participants.

Cost Savings

Our solutions eliminate the need for in-house recordkeeping. Not only do you realize administrative cost savings, but also eliminate human error associated with redundant activities and manual entry.

Personal Attention

By working closely with you, your legal counsel, trustees, brokerage firms and other advisors, we ensure that your Plan suits your needs and remains compliant with current regulations. Regardless of the size of your Plan, we provide prompt, dedicated and efficient attention to all matters at hand. Personal service and systems flexibility let us adapt quickly to meet the particular needs of your specific Plan or Arrangement.


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