No one excels at all aspects of business. Most of us could use someone to bounce ideas off of, a fellow CEO who can relate to our issues, someone to hold us accountable to make the difficult decisions. A Peer Advisory Group gives you a small group of like-minded business owners and executives who get to know you and your business so you can depend on each other for honest feedback and support.

A Peer Advisory Group is NOT another networking group and it is different from other CEO groups out there. It is also offered at a fraction of the cost of the others. It is more like the Board of Directors you never had. Led by a professional business coach, each group is carefully selected to include complementary industries, personalities and management styles.

· Groups are limited to 8 members at comparable levels in their industries
· All members are “tops” – Owner, CEO, Pres., etc.
· No competitors in your group.
· Signed confidentiality agreements will be required
· Meets twice per month for 90 minutes
· Each month, a member can make a presentation and/or introduce an issue.
· Members respond with comments, questions etc.
· The remainder of the agenda focuses on other business owner’s/members issues.
· Private atmosphere – no interruptions


Typical topics might include:

· Sales and Marketing
· Internal communications
· CRM programs, Customer Service
· Competitor Analysis
· Pricing strategies
· Hire-Fire-Training-Discipline-Productivity issues
· E-business strategies
· Managing growth
· Leadership development
· Motivating & compensating Key Staff
· Succession Planning/Exit Strategies
· Building your business, balancing your life


You will benefit from:

· Diverse opinions – Private, hard-won information that your group’s members are willing to share
· Independent opinions – What is offered in the group is not edited – it’s open, it’s honest
· Far ranging opinions – Different Industries, histories – diverse knowledge & experience
· An organized & facilitated forum to help you capture the best ideas and put them into practice!


How to respond:

The information above will be considered in determining the members for each group to maximize the effectiveness of each. In as much, you will need download the application below and fax it to 973-206-6946. Please also feel free to email or call us (see Contact Us page) with any questions you may have. The groups will then be assembled as invitees respond and you, as well as the rest of the members in your group, will be contacted. A schedule will then be determined that is amicable for all.


Download Application To Mail or Fax