“I recently had the pleasure of working with Eric Degen, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He was able to help me get my finances in order and provide me with sound, strategic advice on how to maximize my profits and reduce my overhead.  From the very first meeting, I was impressed by his level of professionalism, attention to detail, and his commitment to working closely with me to understand my unique financial needs and goals. He took the time to walk me through all of my options and provided me with a clear plan of action that helped me get back on track.  Moreover, his expertise and experience in the field were evident from start to finish. He was able to provide me with a deep level of knowledge and insight into my specific situation and was able to offer me practical and effective advice that helped me improve my bottom line.


Overall, I would highly recommend Eric Degen to anyone in need of a skilled, knowledgeable, and reliable practitioner. With his help, I have been able to start and take my business to the next level, and I’m confident that he can do the same for anyone who works with him.”

Timo Klotzsche


“Over the last twenty years, Titan Business Development Group, LLC has provided outstanding service and advice.  Over these years, (they have) facilitated the timely and faithful execution of all tasks … and have interfaced with our current and retired executives in a professionally and competent manner. For anyone considering utilizing (their) services, I give (them) my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION and I would encourage all prospective clients to engage (their) services without any reservations.”

Glenn Nacion – Trinitas Regional Medical Center

“Eric provides excellent, very professional service; highly knowledgeable and always able to answer my questions.  He always makes himself available and is extremely responsive to his client’s needs.”

Art Lizza – Ghost Writer

“Eric takes coaching and consulting to the next level by not only providing insightful advice, but making sure his clients fully understand each part of the business development process. I am confident going into every session with Eric that I will leave with a brand new action plan for the week. Eric has provided me with multiple golden nuggets that are applicable to my business particularly because of his detail orientation, strategic planning, and genuine want for his clients’ success. He provides many tools to identify your strengths, and then helps you create organized plans to utilize them to your highest advantage. I would recommend Eric to anyone looking to accomplish new goals or add layers of success for their business.”

Jule Lane – Jule Lane Yoga, LLC 



“I have worked with Titan and Eric for a few years now.  Our partnership has been very successful to say the least.  Thank you for your knowledge, responsiveness and support.  I highly recommend!”

Stephanie Hammerseng – Thrivent

“I attended a business development group hosted by Eric Degen of Titan Business Development Group, LLC.  Eric covered a lot of information which he delivered in a way that was easy to absorb.  His approach was clear, logical, and effective.  Eric is an expert at developing solid operating systems and procedures and taking businesses to the next level.  I highly recommend Eric.”  Al Turrisi – Turrisi & Associates


“I found that Titan BDG has a very deep understanding of business. They quickly went to the bottom of our problems and helped us resolve them effectively and efficiently. I wish them continued greatness for the future.”  Avinash Agrawal – RAAS Distributors

“When instructing a class on Financial Intelligence, I needed to lean on Titan’s understanding of both business and accounting.  Eric spoke authoritatively on a specific direction which almost immediately gained full agreement from the group. He subsequently followed up with specifics in writing to me (the instructor) which I have been able to effectively use ever since.  If someone is interested in gaining clarity and improvement in the application of finance to business decision making, I recommend Titan BDG without reservation.”

Tom Noteboom – Pro Business Advisors


“Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and innovative business consulting, coaching and development/growth services group.”  Cort Grey – Turpin Real Estate

“Eric, at Titan Business Development Group, is a very different type of business consultant/coach.  His background gives him a unique perspective in the world of “coaches” and he helps his clients get great results.  I highly recommend Eric and Titan Business Development Group.”  Ellen Smolko – Foresight Performance


“We always walk away with an uplifted feeling and renewed energy that lets us look at the way we are running our business and ways to improve it.”  Patricia Vorhees – The Teacher’s Edge Tutoring, LLC

“Working with Eric was one of the best decisions I’ve made! His knowledge of business, law, accounting, and marketing have helped me get my business off the ground. Before finding Eric, I had spoken to a handful of “accountants” and “business coaches” that were very unsure of how to execute my goal of running both a for profit and a not for profit organization. Eric was 100% sure of my goal and was able to help in coaching, accounting, and execution. He was a joy to work with. Not only is he very well versed, he also held me accountable, and has a wonderful sense of humor. A truly wonderful experience, and an investment worth making in yourself, and in your business.” Kimberly M. Spair, M.C.D CCC-SLP/L – Reclaimer’s of Health, LLC and Integrative Beginnings


“Titan Business Development Group did an incredible job of managing ULI’s program. The deliverable was always exact and on time. The training and advice that they provided to the organization was very well done. We could not have managed this program without Titan.” Michael Terseck – CFO, Urban Land Institute


“I have to applaud Titan for their wonderful services. Eric Degen, our Principal, does a wonderful job communicating with me and provides reliable information which allows me to better support my employees. I know that when I need something in a hurry, your team always comes through for me.” Matthew Petitt, Director of Compensation, Benefits & HRIS – Saint Joseph’s University

“We have worked successfully with Titan Business Development Group for a number of years and have enjoyed a productive relationship. They have been highly responsive, professional and proactive. We look forward to continuing our association.” Peter Lee – BIC Corporation

“I have admired Eric Degen’s business effectiveness skills and business coaching excellence for years. Eric is not only among the top business coaches in North America, I consider him to be among the best of the best. Eric is smart, straight-shooting, and highly effective. He is highly regarded within the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) – North America’s premier alliance of independent business coaches. The PBCA and our member-coaches are fortunate to have Eric as a member of the PBCA Executive Leadership Team where we all benefit from his insights, wisdom, and depth of experience. I have the utmost respect for Eric’s passion and commitment to ‘excellence’ in business coaching.” Jon Denney – President, PBCA


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Titan BDG since in 2011 and they’ve continued to be an excellent resource in helping us take our business to the next level. Titan BDG brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. They have suggested creative and solid approaches to a number of aspects of our business. I would highly recommend them to any business owner or organization that is looking for effective solutions to help their business grow and prosper.” Joan DiMurro – Owner, Payworks Payroll Solutions (payworkspayroll.com)


“I find Titan Business Development Group detailed, client oriented, with unstoppable energy and an abundance of caring for their clients and their clients’ goals. They know how to get them to achieve and to enjoy the process. I have been able to refer my clients to Titan BDG without hesitation and with absolute confidence.”

Richard Silverlieb, Esq. – Principle, AV® Preeminent™ rated Attorney at Law

“I’ve worked with Titan Business Development Group for years. I have always known them to be hard working, passionate business professionals. They work hard to resolve customer issues and utilize their resources and networks to achieve customer satisfaction. They go the extra distance to make sure clients are taken care of on every level.” Hope Cohen – Owner, Hope Cohen, CPA

(The members at Titan) “have a winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration. I trust (them) impeccably because frankly, (they have) never let me down.” Donald Peters, Manager – Univision Communications

“…Great Results, Personable, Expert ….(Titan Business Development Group) are true professionals, we can rely on their information, they are timely and responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I wish all my associations worked as smoothly.” Regina Ryan – American Financial Group/IFG Russell Advisors

“The partner I dealt with is of those unique and rare individuals who appears calm on the outside while he listens to the issues at hand, all the while his mind is analyzing what is being said, reaching into his years of experience in dealing with business people (not to mention his education), formulating the next question so that he truly understands the situation, before he provides advice or guidance. I recommend, without reservation, Titan Business Development Group to those individuals or businesses who are looking for someone who is different, not an also ran, but a true leader.” David Thompson, CEO – Executive Advisory Services, Inc.

“(Titan Business Development Group) is upbeat, optimistic, and on top of their game. You can be sure that they will give you their undivided attention so they can put the best possible plan together for your business. Anyone who needs a boost with their business–they’re your man!” Lisa Natoli, Owner – Mainly Menus

“… (Titan Business Development Group) is very hard working and dedicated … with a lot of business savy” Dianne Batistoni – Partner at Amper, Politziner & Mattia, CPA’s

“I have had the pleasure of working with (Titan Business Development Group) for a number of years … and find them very efficient, detail oriented and hard working. (TBDG) has extensive experience and is always focused on the client’s best interests. I would highly recommend working with them.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert” Lisa Alfieri- Alcan Baltek Corporation

“When being tasked with complex projects for our organization, the guidance and overall assistance provided by your firm has been invaluable. Couldn’t do it without you!” Diana Yates – SCAN Health Plan

“(TitanBDG) brings to the coaching model that inner sense of knowing what’s behind the numbers, how they should look and what a business owner needs to do to get them there. (Their) methodology transcends the simple compliance strategies of financially based peers and results in what can only be described as sound business effectiveness. Excellence is a given here, as it should be and so rarely is.” Brendan Cunningham, President and Owner – Excelleron

“(Titan Business Development Group) has provided accounting and business advice. Their insight and recommendations have been solid. I have relied on (them) for guidance and direction in several areas which has proven to be invaluable.” The Industrial Ecology Company

“I thought I was doing everything right for the most part when I came to you. I can’t express how glad I am we went further: My business is now starting to look like what I envisioned when I first decided to open my own company. I’m working efficiently and sales are climbing.” Susan Grubb, Owner – Fairtrade Sales

“Our work together to structure the purchase of my location, on succession planning and on a number of other technical elements of my business produced incredible results that were well beyond my expectations.” Richard Kennedy, Owner – Richie’s Automotive Specialties

“The benefits of coaching appear to win over even the most cynical clients within just a few weeks.”

Industry Week

” What do Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Jack Welch and every successful person have in common?  They all had excellent coaching.  How can I be the best in my business?  The answer is simple, Titan Business Development Group.


The best time to work with a business coach like Eric is anytime.  I would recommend him when you find that you are second guessing yourself AND when you are doing your best.  He is accountable, and empathetic.  He is a great listener and always makes time for me over the computer when I need his coaching advice. He was able to help me exceed my goals as a Director of Sales to get me back on track with my team by helping me identify actions which were causing adverse team results.


One of the best things for me working with Eric is that he creates an atmosphere where we can talk about anything.  I have shared many shortcomings about myself that I would not share with anyone.  I was able to hear myself identify the negative emotions that were holding me back from performing.  Eric does a wonderful job putting my negative emotions into perspective and pointing out the positive.  He has always reinforced the reason why I got to be where I am by appreciating the parts of myself that I sometimes forget.


You are reading this because you are looking for a coach.  Give him a call and don’t second guess yourself.”

Matthew McClosky – Director of Sales, American Laboratory/Compare Networks

“I have worked with Titan BDG for almost 20 years. The client service is top notch. Eric and his staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. The attention they give you as a client, even a little thing, is amazing. 10 stars from me!.

Teresa Davis – AFMG/Sofia Financial

Titan Business Development Group is a professional coaching and advisory firm offering positive results oriented strategies and solutions to SMB’s and commercial customers. Exceptional service to grow your business.

Alex Yaworsky – US Power Online

Excellent service, very knowledgeable, accessible and willing to go the extra yard to help anytime it’s needed. I highly recommend you consider this your first option for financial and business advice.

Alfonso Citarella – Financial Services

“No hands down, you are *the* best at what you do. I’m simply amazed.” Jeff Lazarus, Owner – JL Consulting

“My time working with Titan BDG was incredibly informative and changed the way I view my business. I walked in somewhat close-minded, only seeing one vision, and Eric helped me expand those horizons to know what my business truly needed to grow. Up until our final meeting, Eric was giving sound advice, even suggesting where I take things after our sessions closed and making sure I knew he was always available to talk to and reflect on ideas. I feel my business is in a much better place to succeed; his advice was invaluable, and he introduced me to ideas and concepts I would not have been able to recognize on my own. I would genuinely recommend him—especially if your business is just starting out.”
Julia Mullaney – Five Ingredient Feast