Should You Hire a Business Coach or a Consultant?

Should You Hire a Business Coach or a Consultant?

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, sometimes you come face-to-face with issues you can’t solve on your own.  Has your company had a difficult time hiring the right people? Have you stopped growing your revenue? Whether you’ve hit a major roadblock, or have simply plateaued, sometimes the best thing to do is bring in a professional to help.  The question then becomes, do you bring in a consultant or a business coach?  Before you make that decision, you should learn a bit more about what each of these professionals offer.

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant is someone who specializes in one or several areas of business. For instance, if your company is having trouble managing its finances, you could bring in a business consultant who is expertly trained in accounting or bringing in revenue, depending on your issue. They would then work externally to offer a solution for you and your business to fix its financial difficulties. Working with a business consultant can be useful, but there are added benefits to working with a business coach.

What is a business coach?

Business coaches provide custom, comprehensive advice, beyond specific issues, to help you reach your business goals. A business coach works with you to identify your specific goals, calls out anything standing in the way of your objectives and creates a personalized plan meant to lead you and your brand toward success. Great coaches will also point out ways to track and measure your progress along the way, leading you to take effective steps and recognize what strategies are and aren’t working and when to pivot. Importantly. whereas a consultant typically addresses a specific issue for you and then leaves, a coach will educate and empower you to approach and resolve challenges independent of them as you move forward.


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