Three Tips on How to Find New Business Ideas in Everyday Life

Three Tips on How to Find New Business Ideas in Everyday Life

The world around you is filled with ideas and activities that can help you find new business ideas. Look at Walt Disney, for example – he was visiting Tivoli Gardens, one of Europe’s oldest amusement parks, when he came up with idea of building a bigger and better version in California.

Certainly, not all ideas need to be this big. The vast majority of successful entrepreneurs discover new ideas by paying attention to smaller every-day opportunities. These are usually ideas that are driven by behaviors and trends. By learning to think and act in ways that bring new opportunities to light, you can find a constant stream of business ideas in everyday life.

Here are three tips to help you find inspiration in the world around you:

Keep a list of opportunities. Start with your own experiences and then ask about those of others. What could be made easier? What problem tends to resurface often? What could stand to be more fun? What do I tend to procrastinate about? What about it would make me procrastinate less if it were different? The world is full of opportunities. The first step of any successful entrepreneur’s challenge is to identify those opportunities.

Be intentional and diverse in your search. When effective idea-hunters talk to people, they don’t just make conversation, they intentionally data-mine. In that same vein, they don’t seek to investigate only along a narrow, specific path. They seek inspiration from a broad platform.

Notice how others solve business problems. In any situation, you are surrounded by problems that someone has tried to solve. Each is an opportunity to learn. Develop the mental habit of noticing things such as how a display catches your eyes, how products are organized on shelves, what guarantees businesses provide, what new service offerings seem to be in trend. You might find a better way to solve the same problem or inspiration for solving a different problem.

Make a habit of being inquisitive and keep these three tips at the front of you mind. Quite often, innovation is more about careful observation then it is about IQ or major investments. Seek to make every interaction an opportunity to learn something. The active mind will lead you to the path of success.

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